May. 27th, 2017

leo_sosnine: (Default)
Haven't installed RU keyboard layout yet. Just finally installed the last driver and steam client is being downloaded, purchased Deus Ex: Mankind divided for whopping $60 plus taxes. What's weird is PS4 and X1 versions are cheaper on Amazon, no idea why. Probably because aiming at enemies sucks on a controller compared to a PC mouse? Also, I wonder if I claimed to be from Russia would it cost less for me?

Still have to admit that DIY computer is quite a challenge. I remember myself laughing and brand PCs which costed like twice for the same horsepower when I was young. Still, if you do it yourself you have to research all components to be compatible and good, assembly is quite a challenge, another few hours wasted, then you have to install Windows which is much easier these days, but still a challenge if your scenario is non-standard in any way (I used installing on RAID level 1 of SSD and fought a little supplying F6 diskette oops flash drive with proper RAID drivers). And I'm like 20 years in the industry! Imagine the struggle regular folks have with it...

Anyway, I'm dead for society for a while. No work, no politics, no infosec, no nothing. Fuck, yeah!
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