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Слишком много людей в тюрьме сидит!


You'd think someone looking to make waves would latch onto this:
  • You have to hand it to Lavontay Chavis. At the young age of 20, the Garfield Park citizen has managed to be arrested 13 times in Chicago since turning 18. When he was not being arrested over the past two years, he was serving an 18-month prison sentence.

    That’s quite a feat. Chavis’ 13th adult arrest came after he and a 17-year-old juvenile carjacked two victims at gunpoint in the North Side’s West Ridge neighborhood on Monday evening, police said. Earlier Monday, the duo committed a series of other armed robberies across the North Side, prosecutors said today. Chavis is charged with aggravated vehicular hijacking-firearm; three counts of armed robbery-firearm; and various traffic violations. Bail is set at $500,000.

    He was paroled in March after serving a fraction of an 18-month sentence that he received for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.
And he managed to get a gun and commit lord knows how many more felonies before getting caught again. Jail is no deterrent to this piece of shit, and letting him out early only emboldens further disregard for the laws of a civilized society.

Anyone know of a "law and order" type candidate that might actually enforce and expand on existing statutes? Oh wait, that would be a Republican in Cook County - and those are rare.

Кроме этого расистские генетические теории и вот это вот всё. Спасибо демократам вообще и Эммануэлю Раму и Ким Фокс в частности, что милостиво отпускают таких людей на свободу, во-первых типовой Лавонтай по выходу из тюрьмы голосует за демократов, а во-вторых при случае застрелит белого расиста и супремасиста, голосующего за республиканцев в северных субурбах, где он обычно промышляет разбоем, профит.
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Да и вообще перспективы у штата как-то ниочинь: https://mishtalk.com/2017/05/03/puerto-rico-placed-in-bankruptcy-protection-illinois-needs-similar-deal
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The breaking-up of Illinois won't happen geographically, as Kass sarcastically suggested. But it will happen. With the fiscal problems in Illinois spilling over to its neighbors, expect ever more people escaping from America's most mismanaged state.