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Спасибо Рашеньке. Вот что за государство такое, стыдно быть рашкованином вообще. Не мне, конечно, я выписался, хехе

Date: 2017-06-21 01:58 am (UTC)
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inspiring quotes:

"I've got razor wire, 8 foot walls, that kind of thing--that's the norm"

"the only reason that ppl even go to the police is in order to go & report a crime so that you have a case number & then you go to the insurance company to claim the damages--that's the only thing police do"

"I know ppl who've caught black criminals in their suburbs, in their properties, they've taken the criminal to the police & the police has let them go"

what is Really Happening:

"I believe that white ppl globally have been lied to, misled & targeted specifically for destruction, but it's been a gradual program whether you call it cultural Marxism or whatever it is--there is a program to lie to white ppl on a grand scale."

"Liberalism is utter rubbish & totally untrue & it's a scam actually, it's a global scam against white ppl."

I think the guy went off script at the end.
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